I'm probably tired

I'm Holly and I fall asleep in weird places. I like dogs.

“i honestly don’t remember doing that”

me about 85% of the things i’ve done (via kimmyameli)

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  • What I mean: You are one of the best friends I've ever had. The level on which we connect baffles me. I'm so so happy that I can share my interests, secrets, guilt, faults, joys, and insecurities with you in confidence and receive encouragement to improve and keep being better, and I'm comfortable with the ease with which I can reciprocate those feelings and that support to you as well. We make a great team and I'm really fortunate to have you in my life.
  • What I say: u lil shit

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What state do you live in?



constant fear of failure

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  • facebook: someone added a photo of you
  • me: fuck

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If you don’t strategically eat your food so that the last bites to go in your mouth are the tastiest look at your choices

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true friendship is talking about masturbating and it not being weird 

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when you’re anxious about stuff but you can’t talk about it with anyone bc it’s awkwardly personal


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the pied piper: follow for more soft flute ✝

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*apologizes* *apologizes for apologizing* *apologizes for apologizing for apologizing* *apologizes for apologizing for apologizing for apologizing* *apologizes after you say its ok* *repeats cycle*

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